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Marketing and Business Development Services

Elsi Deligent Enterprises is a marketing ,Printing services, Branding specializing in promoting B2B products and services in East African markets, focusing on high tech, clean tech and services companies.
Our marketing and business development strategies focus on results and help our clients establish and expand their market presence and their customer base. 

Since 2012 we have been helping  Kenya companies establish and expand their presence in international markets, focusing on East African and Kenya. 
We work closely with our customers to develop marketing and business development plans that will provide them with the best possible results within available resources.

We believe that the basis for good marketing is a combination of imagination and creativity, with close attention to details. Through original, differentiated marketing activities and materials we were able to achieve success for our customers in their company branding, product launches, participation at exhibitions, launching in new markets, and ongoing marketing & sales activities.

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