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What should marketing be responsible for in your company? This question is surprisingly hard to answer, even for marketers. Harvard Business Review found that the responsibility of chief marketing officers varies drastically from one job description to another, along with the experience and skills of people filling the role. Most are responsible for marketing strategy, branding, and customer metrics, but beyond that, we can’t seem to agree.

A lot of this confusion stems from the misunderstanding of marketing’s function. Often marketing is looked at in a very operational manner, rather than a function that truly adds value to the business—i.e., the aftereffect of developing a product. But this is far too limiting.

Marketing should be a strategic enabler of sales, a pipeline generator for the company’s future business, and a function that leads the entire company in positioning itself against the competition. Marketers should consider themselves strategists for their individual business streams because they can influence, measure, and interact daily with each potential market. Ideally, they should leverage this expertise to guide the future course of every business, but often, marketing is forced into narrower
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