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Why support Small Busineses

They make a positive impact to the local economy

The spread of the global pandemic has undoubtedly affected the economy. We cannot stop this, but we can make a choice with our Kenya Shillings to help local economies stay afloat and give small businesses a fighting chance to rebound when we emerge from our homes.

Growing companies, some that started in Printing services ,Graphic Design,Branding  or coffee shops, foster eco-systems that enable other small businesses to thrive in their wake. 
Entrepreneurship inspires and facilitates more entrepreneurship—think online curators, who amplify even more small brands, bringing their products to new audiences.
In terms of local businesses, the impact is even more obvious. When you shop local, your Kenya shilings stay in the community and help local development. This is called the multiplier effect. For example, a company promotes local company by printing for them staff uniforms,tshirts, magazine,receipt books,banners,posters,a restaurant buying ingredients from local producers uses a local insurance broker and hires a local design firm, building symbiotic relationships that help the whole business community prosper. 
They put customer experience first
Large brands have recognized that immersive experiences win in retail, but the intimacy and personalized care of small businesses is hard to scale. 
Many new business owners launch alone and fill every role in the business, including customer service. Without the layers of management and corporate policy, small business owners can make their own rules. The good ones will bend over backward for each shopper—because every customer matters when you’re small.

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